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The Story Structure Remix

Everybody's got their favorite plot structure template or diagram or system. There's just one problem: Those are for analyzing plots that already exist. You're creating something new.

This novel-planning tool will open your eyes to a better path to a well-structured novel. It's powerful and flexible. It will improve on whatever structure template you like — Story Circle, Romancing the Beat, Hero's Journey, whatever — and grow and change with you the more you use it.

We'll get you started with a rather magical exercise-slash-demo that will walk you through a better way of planning an actual arc in your actual story. The exercise alone is powerful and re-usable and worth the price of admission.

But really this goes so much deeper. The Story Structure Remix is about unlocking a new mindset and skillset. It's about owning your own story and finding the path that makes sense for you, this time, on this story. And probably a new path on the next one.

Anyone can tell you structure matters, but we'll show you that getting there is half the fun.